Flexible solar and magnets?

I am interested to hear if anyone has tried attaching a flexible solar panel with super strong magnets using the eyelet holes on to their van roof ? I can see that it would probably be no good for driving with as the magnets might not be able to hold down the panel with any up draft created, but for a temporary stop on a sunny day, perhaps this could be a solution. Then there is the option again to remove the panel for flexibility/stealth reasons.

Would probably work if you are not driving fast, or not windy.

Great idea. I had just used magnets our our screened greenhouse for some netting and it worked very well. Amazon has some very strong magnets that we used.

I think for when you are not driving, using magnets is excellent for keeping the solar panel in place on a van roof. Our roof is fiberglass but maybe to hold in place on our hood. Let us know if you try it?

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@fieldspring I’ve used these suction cups/ carabiners to hold up the panels before on my 13’ Scamp camper. I preferred these over the magnets due to not wanting to scratch up the fiberglass and metal ribbons on the side of the camper.

CONBOLA Heavy Duty Suction Cups,2 Pieces with Hooks Upgraded Car Camping Tie Down Suction Cup Camping Tarp Accessory with Viscous Silicone Strong Power for Car Awning Boat Camping Trap.(2 pcs) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08KW2XFLS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_CMCPC60SPB1Y4DQQJWQK?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1