Fixed panel for 200P

I want to use 2 x 350 W panel with the 200P. Is there a list of good quality, best performance fixed panels out there? would love to see it.

I am using Canada Solar 340W panel (in 2 x 3p configuration) to charge my Jackery 1500 power station (which in turns charge my Bluetti EB70 using the DC output) . The jackery accepts up to 2 MPPT of 51Voc and 6.25A with 250W max each of the 2 inputs. So it is massively over paneled. I get max power almost as soon as the sun goes up. Works well enough. When I get my Bluetti AC300, I will reconfigured it into 2 x 3s so it would be more productive.

Looks good but I’m in Australia so product not available. anyone know of good fixed panels for the 200P in Oz?

I use 2Q cells . 345W . Wished I had over panelled a bit

Look good. Would prefer to buy in Australia tho. Anyone got suggestion for good 350 w fixed panels in Australia?