First AC200MAX impressions and questions

Just got the AC200MAX yesterday. Impressed in general. Touchscreen works but is hard to read unless looking directly at it. Also can’t change the time and date. After entering the correct info and saving it doesn’t change. Otherwise appears to work as intended. Firmware update fails from my iPhone also.

Today I ran a 1500W heater (at 1500W) for at least an hour while charging my iPad and wirelessly charge 2 iPhones. The fact that it is a relatively compact unit impresses me.

Still not sure what kind of plug goes in the 12V 30A Aviation plug? Is there only one? If so why doesn’t the 25A version on the BLUETTI site work? Looks the same. I could make my own if I knew what to order. BLUETTI has one set to ship later this month.

Also don’t know what kind of plug goes in the round AC outlet. I could also make my own if I knew what it was.

I asked BLUETTI support all these questions tonight.

Round AC outlets are defined by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association ) so it is a standard that most hardware sell plugs for it. Just take a picture and show it at a hardware store to get the plug.

I went back to the product page where it shows it as a NEMA TT-30 and ended up buying a NEMA TT-30P to 3 5-15R cord on Amazon. This gives you 3 more “regular” outlets. I did not see this info in the user manual nor the 12V Super DC outlet. It is referred to as RV outlet.

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Are you referring to the 30 amp?

The 12v 30A super DC plug is what I still haven’t figured out.

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For anyone following this thread, still haven’t heard back from Bluetti support. I was able to update the ARM and DSP in no particular order by putting the phone on the unit as opposed to holding it in my hand, disabling screen lock on the phone and disabling auto sleep on the AC200Max. I even had to tap the phone frequently to get the DSP upgrade to finish. Sounds dumb but it would not update otherwise. More concerning was the fact that I couldn’t charge with Renogy 200W panels prior to the upgrade. The unit read it as 20V but wouldn’t take a charge. After the ARM upgrade I was able to change the time and date, after the DSP upgrade I was able to change DSP input to PV instead of OTHERS. That was frustrating since I bought it specifically to be recharged by the sun. Also the 12V 30A port looks like a male version of the female aviation style plug included to charge it off of solar. I am impressed with the feature set but disappointed my out of the box experience hasn’t been smooth.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Is it normal now to change the time and date? if not, please send the video showing the problem to contact our customer service at:
or We will reply in 24 hours.

Special 30A output port can be adapted to appliances widely, perfect for RV. You can try to plug with your appliances without turn on the unit. We also sell the following one in our official website.

Round AC outlet NEMA TT-30: connector which is the 120V/30 A recreational vehicle standard, also known as RV 30. The TT-30R receptacle is commonly available in nearly all RV parks in the United States and Canada. Please go to a hardware store for the plug.


After firmware update I can change time, date, DC Input (required for solar). I purchased the accessory from Bluetti for the 12V 30A output now that it is available. Everything appears to be working as intended. The firmware update process needs to be redone or better documented as I am not sure what exactly I did to make it successful. Without the update I couldn’t recharge from solar. I was impressed enough that I picked up a EB55/PV200 Combo.


Glad it is normal now. It is easy to change the time and date. Please click the “setting” and “next” twice when entering the main page until you see the date and time setting. You can click the number and change the date and time directly. If you still have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

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