Firmware upgrade crashed my EB3A

I updated my EB3A with the app. After 48% he stopped. I tried again. Now he did not pass the 2%. Now the unit does not work anymore. It seems that the upgrade-progress continues on the EB3A but with no result. I can’t turn it off and there no function what so ever. Has anybody a solution?

@frallow , I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask what is your current EB3A status? We suggest you: empty the power and then recharge it, without any interference during the period. Turn off the machine and leave it for a day before opening it for use.

Also can I know the serial number of your EB3A? Looking forward to your updates.


My current EB3A-status: it tries to update the firmware constantly. I can not use the powerstation at all.

I don’t understand you’re suggestion to empty the power. How I do that? That takes months when the only action of the unit is trying to update the machine. I hope there is an alternative solution.

It’s very frustrating. I have used the unit in total for 5 minutes before it broke.

Hi @frallow , Sorry for the confusion.
What I mean is that you use up the current EB3A to 0%, and then fill it up to 100%. After that, turn off the power and leave it for a day before using it again. Can this be done on your EB3A please?

Hallo, I understand that but how can i use it to 0% when the EB3A is not working and at the same time is full loaded? The only activity that the EB3A shows is trying to update the firmware, now for 3 three days constantly. I can not use the outputs, I can not use the light, I can not use anything. So again, how I use it up to 0%? Waiting for months? There must be another solution, I hope.

@frallow , Thank you for your reply confirmation.
Based on this situation, the machine needs to be returned to the factory for repairing. Please contact the support department to register the serial number of the machine and inform them of the situation so that they can help you further.

I apologize again for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.