Firmware update no info why

I got a firmware update today from the app for my eb3a
Tonight it’s me it didn’t let me know what the updates are doing on the app
This really needs to be addressed I’d like to know what I’m upgrading and why
Instead of just updating it and not knowing what it’s doing

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We all want to know!
Every respected brand has change log for updates… Bluetti is not telling you…

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One of these updates could potentially break our units they really need to give us a change log

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Yes, waht if the update brakes somthing for you. can you go back? no.
Will they refund you? likely not.

Hi @onknight

This is one of the most requested features on this forum. Only thing we know so far is, that there is no update Info or release history public available



It would be nice to have some transparency


And to make matters worse, no communication as to why the information is purposefully being witheld. Perhaps there is a valid reason that the vast majority of us do not recognize.

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