Firmware update fail and consequences

@Yar The technician got back to me that they push the firmware again for you, please check again. If you still can’t update it, please take a short video and we can check.

I have a short video, but can’t to attach here.

@Yar Please email

Done, I sent to email

@Yar Thank you. I saw a link, but I can’t access Dropbox, could you please attach the video to the email?

I sent to email, pls check😎

Well received. I’m checking with the tech team. Please check if there is any firmware version.

Hi! I tried and unfortunately no changes (( I tried in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth regime
Also unbinded my device and successfully binded
No changes, no new firmware.
Arrow inactive;(

@Yar The firmware was pushed again. If you still can’t update it, please contact the support for the warranty.

So guys i see i was not allown. Already wrote to your But why do you even left that buttoon if update doesn’t work. I just recieved my eb3aa today morning and it’s already useless and it’s not seller’s fault. Help me here to UnBrick my device, please.

phone pixel 7a with last updates, phone was on top eb3a,
3 buttons - 7307 0000
2 buttons (ac + light) 0-00 and after a minute 1-06

dc button doesn’t light up
AC and charging devices and charning it’self doesn’t work

mods switch is working (ECO, 50-60 Hz)
bluetooth connection is rubbish but after few attempts connects

update was i presume from v0.00 to 2052.09