Feature request: variable speed cooling fan

I’ve been using my EP500 for about a month now, and aside from some usability quirks, it’s been working well.

I would like to see a variable cooling fan control… even on low AC loads ~150 watts in a cool room (65F/18C), the cooling fan will kick on full speed every 10 minutes or so. Not really an issue but I use my EP500 indoors and it is a bit distracting.

If the fan speed started very slow, and ramped up with temperature, I think it would reduce noise, dust pickup, and extend overall life.

As temporary workaround I’ve placed a computer fan on the intake, and it keeps the temperatures low enough where the fans don’t turn on. The fan I added uses <1 watt.

I hope this can be added in the future as a software update!

I took off the grille and popped out the mesh dust filter… and found a 2 pin fan header that has 5V on it! Unfortunately, this seems to be a soft power control. Measuring voltage on it while the unit is off will turn the unit back on. Too bad.

(the main breaker in the back was still on)

You sure that two pin connector is for the fan?

It looks like those 2 fans connected using those two 3 pin connector. If so, then it looks like they may already be variable speed fans with monitoring back to the unit to detect fan failure. If so, then it may be possible for a firmware update to change how these fan will spin.

Yep, see the second line, it’s not a fan control but a header for what I believe to be a soft power switch.

I was trying to find a more elegant solution than taping a fan to the front of my unit, effective as it is :slight_smile:

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@ed209 Thank you for your advice. I will pass it to our R&D team.

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