Feature request - auto power on and auto power of @charge limit

Hi there,
since a few weeks I’m using the AC200MAX together with AC230, to have some backup power in case of emergency as well as to use it to power some device of my house during nighttime. I’ve developed myself an automatic switchover from grid to bluetti and vice versa. I charge it daily with solar and discharge it during the night.
First of all so far a great product, just some software features are missing to use it in a more automatic general way. I think from your side it should be simple to implement in one of the next firmware updates:

  1. After the station has reached a dedicated customer programmable charge, e.g. 95% the AC and/or DC output should be possible to be enabled automatically. This will allow automatically to power devices after the Bluettihas has enought charge.

  2. If the station has reached a user programmable discharge status, it should disable the enabled output, but stays on. This gives us the possibility to leaves some security charge within the stations in case something happens and re-charging can start automatically.

Both features would allow a daily use especially together with solar power.

Currently it is difficult to use it in such a way, because it switches off if it is dicharged completely and needs to switched on manually, as well as the outputs needs also to be switched on manually. Both above features would allow to use the Bluettis 24/7 and for sure you could get more customers using it as solar battery.

It would be very helpful to see those features within the next firmware update :slight_smile:


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Hi @woody333 , suggestions received.
We will submit it to the product’s firmware update engineer to see if it can be upgraded.
Thanks again for your sincere analysis and suggestions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Many thanks for taking this up, if needed I can also test it on my setup it in real customer enviroment (I’m an electronics development engineer) and if working well probably I’ll extend my setup with an additional battery pack ;-).
Actually I’m using AC200MAX with solar charging + 2 additional DC power supplies T400 (for charging AC200MAX additionl to solar) and T500 for charging B230 (alos additional to solar). Both supplies will be switched on in depndence if there is solar power left from my roof. I can fully discharge the batteries over a few hous with my permanent 24/7 loads. A quite complete setup for testing :slight_smile:


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I think most of suggestions like this could be satisfied by a documented way to use e.g. MQTT protocol to integrate Bluetti into most common smart home systems.
Seems like everybody has special requirements that could be implemented by rules in the smart home system and need not be in the firmware.
So how about implementing MQTT commands to query and control the unit individually?

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Actueally I’ve helped myself exactly by doing that. I’ve setup an Raspi which is permanently communicating with the AC200M via BT and via Home Assitent I can control whatever I want.
The only missing thing so far is that with the automoatic switching on when solar charge starts, the additional battery packs (I’ve two B230) are not switched on as well.
Currently I also solved that by implementing a keep alive signal (every hour I swich on the DC output via MQTT for 2s to reset the bluetti sleep counter). It cost a little bit accu, but it prevents that the B230 switching off.


Hello Michael,
can you send me an installable image for the Raspi,
there is the [warhammerkid] (warhammerkid (Stephen Augenstein) · GitHub) project,
but I have not been able to get it to work. Too little experience as far as the Raspi is concerned.


Anyway, a documented API would help us all, right? I hadn’t yet the time to try GitHub - warhammerkid/bluetti_mqtt: MQTT interface for Bluetti power stations.

Hi Joachim,

I just used a clean install on the raspi (that raspi is doing nothing else) and used the warhammerkid installation description and it worked without any additional trial. Within HA I only installed MQTT, input the data and it is working. I also not really a raspi expert. Just using howtows.


yes @500driver a documented API would enable a more standard way and multiple different solutions. Just now the warhammerkid system is just reverse engineered.