Feature request AC180

Hi Bluetti,
I have a feature request that I believe to be somewhat a very useful addition if it can be added please on the app.

It would be great to have a graph/log of the battery use over time - say since the last charge as an example. Something like what most phones do when you look at “battery use statistics”.
I find that many times I have used the unit for a while with several loads connected, and it would be useful and interesting to know what loads are switching on and for how long - eg camping fridge that cycles on and off, over different temperatures etc. This would allow for things like calculation of Watt hour consumption (ideally adding this to the graph would be fantastic also), or for monitoring a parasitic load, among many many other uses.

Not sure if this should be in a separate area of the forum, but definitely something I have noticed missing and would greatly appreciate this being added in the future!

Thanks for hearing me out :slight_smile:


@Cambert I agree with you 100%. This would be an incredible feature to have. And have include not just the SOC, but also include the general “Power” History, that would show both incoming and outgoing wattage over a user defined time-frame. By hour/day/week/month/year and total history would be incredible. I have seen other brands include this in their apps so I am sure that @BLUETTI is working on it and it will be something we will eventually see! :slight_smile:

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This would be a great feature for all bluetti powerstations with App Support ;)

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