Faulty XT60 connector

I’ve been happy with my EB55 for a little over a year now, but recently discovered that the female XT60 connector used to charge it is faulty. Since this is the main port through which I charge, this is a serious problem.

I’ve come up with a temporary fix using a rubber band to hold the cable in a way that maintains a good connection, as shown in the photo. But I shouldn’t have to do this. Any advice on how to fix this problem?
eb55 connector

Here’s a close up of the female XT60 port. It seems solid when I try to wiggle it, and overall it looks fine, but if you look closely there is a slight rounding at the lower right. These ports get quite hot at times and one time I noticed some darkening on the male connector. So I’m guessing heating might have caused a problem with the connection at some point. But I don’t know.

Hi @T_o_n_y

it really looks like it melted at some point. This can happen when the connector isnt fully pluged in. Im agree that this section of the powerstation gets quiet hot, but i dont have any problems yet.

Maybe @BLUETTI_CARE can handle it as a warranty case



You might be able to take a thin knife blade edge and insert it into the inner areas of the brass connections of the EB55 XT60 to slightly spread the brass connectors which will allow them to make better contact.

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If it charges while you have the rubber band in place, I wonder if you could use something like a moldable glue (stuff called Sugru comes to mind), that you could push into that gap to fix it.
Sugru Mouldable Glue | Sugru

@T_o_n_y I suggest that you contact our CS department and repair it.