Fault codes 1 + 2 and pv/car symbol on home screen

while using my ac200p it suddenly started beeping and a fault light, I found fault no. 1 + 2 highlighted, also on the home screen, at the pv/car line was an icon like a basket or stack of something, I was not charging, ac or dc at the time and was displaying like 55 percent charge on the power station. The faults cleared on the screen but the icon on the home screen is still there, not sure whats going on, been working fine.

Can you attach a picture?

Hi there,

It would be much better if you could provide the video showing the problem.

First, thank you for your response, attached is photo of screen with icon lite, I am still at a loss why I received fault 1 + 2 involving the pv/car input when I was discharging on the AC output and at like 55 percent capacity.

That icon is the PV panel. And I would guess, it’s probably because you didn’t have enough voltage coming in. What panels were you using?

Thank you for your response, at the time of the faults I was not connected to my solar panels, my power station was operating in ac mode, operating at about 55 % battery, discharging around 1200 watts or so by the output display when the faults occurred,

I went to the fault panel and found numbers 1 ÷ 2 highlighted, I did click and they cleared, but icon remained. Where I live was expecting severe weathering the next 12 hours, so I plugged in the power brick and the power station did charge to 100 percent.

But no explanation for faults.

What did fault codes one and two indicate?



Hi there,

When you turned on the ACA200P and it did not connect adapter and solar panels, Error code 002 is normal and it won’t affect the function.

Error code 001 means over voltage. May I know how do you connect your solar panels? Could you please provide the picture showing the connection and the environment?

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Your information relative to fault code 2 being of no harm and normal is appreciated.

Relative to fault 1, at the time of occurrence I wasn’t connecting nor had I had my solar panels connected.
Just as background, when I have in the past connected my 3 sp200 I connect In series and have never had a fault indicator.

You will get a fault code if you have car mode selected instead of the correct PV mode for solar panels (I understand you said you had nothing connected). Car mode voltage allowances have of range of around 12 volts and around 24 volts. If two panels or more are connected and car mode is selected and over voltage code will appear and will not clear until manually cleared. This will appear as an under voltage error code.

In reverse, if you have PV selected instead of the correct Car mode selected you will get an over voltage error code if two or more solar panels are connected in series instead of being connected to a car charge cord. This will appear as an over voltage error code and will remain until manually cleared.

In the event either of the two has occurred it is completely normal and the unit is simply providing and indication that the incorrect setting was chosen or whatever is connected is outside the allowable input parameters for charging in that mode.


@chuck1 Yes, as Scott mentioned before, please also check if you choose the PV mode.

J’ai un Bluetti AC200P depuis quelques mois et il a toujours bien fonctionné. J’ai voulu le recharger et cela ne fonctionne plus: le bip s’enclenche quand je veux le recharger sur secteur 220V et des codes erreurs s’affichent sur l’écran: PV/car over voltage, PV/car low voltage, PV/car over current, DC output short circuit, adapter over voltage, adapter low voltage, adapter relay failure, adapter over current. Pourtant, j’ai essayé avec différentes sources d’électricité qui ne dépassent pas le voltage autorisé, et le problème est toujours là. Mon hypothèse est qu’il y a un problème au niveau du transformateur. Qui peut m’aider? Un tout grand merci, Emmanuelle


**Translated from french to english via google…
“I have had a Bluetti AC200P for a few months and it has always worked well. I wanted to recharge it and it no longer works: the beep starts when I want to recharge it on 220V mains and error codes are displayed on the screen: PV/car over voltage, PV/car low voltage, PV/car over current, DC output short circuit, adapter over voltage, adapter low voltage, adapter relay failure, adapter over current. Still, I’ve tried with different sources of electricity that don’t exceed the allowed voltage, and the problem is still there. My hypothesis is that there is a problem at the transformer level. Who can help me? A big thank you, Emmanuelle”

Et vous avez dit, l’unité a chargé dans le passé sans aucun problème? J’essaierais d’abord de m’assurer que votre entrée est réglée sur le bon réglage en fonction de votre source d’alimentation. Si vous utilisez l’adaptateur secteur standard fourni avec l’appareil, il devrait le détecter automatiquement, mais allez dans les paramètres juste pour vous assurer que rien n’a été changé. Si vous n’avez toujours pas de chance, j’essaierais alors de le charger via des panneaux solaires ou de charger une voiture via l’entrée d’aviation DC. Encore une fois, assurez-vous que vos paramètres sont corrects avant de le faire.

Désolé si la traduction n’est pas correcte. Mais faites-nous savoir si vous avez encore des problèmes.

Hi @EDC,

Sorry for the problems.
And thank you for @m.briney translation.
You said the screen shows PV/car over voltage, PV/car low voltage, adapter over voltage, adapter low voltage? Are there any error codes?
If you don’t mind, could you please provide a video showing problems?
And please try to recharge it with AC adapter and see if it is normal?


**Translated from new response from @BLUETTI **

Désolé pour les problèmes.

Et merci pour la traduction de @m.briney.

Vous avez dit que l’écran montre PV/voiture surtension, PV/voiture basse tension, adaptateur surtension, adaptateur basse tension ? Y a-t-il des codes d’erreur ?

Si cela ne vous dérange pas, pourriez-vous s’il vous plaît fournir une vidéo montrant les problèmes ?

Et essayez de le recharger avec un adaptateur secteur et voyez si c’est normal ?

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I’m running into that same exact issue, no error codes, and charges fine with AC adaptor.

They are not error codes, just indicating you have selected PV or Car charge mode and the voltage you supplied the unit is not in the range of what you selected. Choose your charging method on the settings menu and then supply it with the correct voltage and you will not get the error indication.