Fault Code Explanations AC200p

Is there a document that explains the fault code in more than 14 characters. 005 Adapter Over Voltage doesn’t help much.

I’m not aware of any. But I think those descriptions are pretty self explanatory.

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Not that I have seen either. Adapter over voltage would mean than the charging adapter you plugged in had higher than allowed voltage.
If you were charging through the AC brick via it’s 8mm input port when the code appeared, it would mean the charging source exceeded the allowable incoming voltage limit. If you were using something other than the OEM charging brick that was the issue. If you were using the OEM charging brick (attached to the 8mm AC charging brick input port) then the OEM charging brick was outputting the incorrect voltage. This is very unlikely though.

Lastly make sure you are not operating and especially trying to charge in too cold an environment. All kinds of odd things will occur if too cold. Assuming the temp is acceptable, clear the fault code and try again to see if the fault code repeats or is no longer there.

All of the acceptable voltage ranges for different inputs as well as allowable operating temps are listed in the operators manual. Looking through the fault codes and understanding them as well as about your machine operation in general will enhance your operating experience.


Can anyone tell me why my AC200 has these two faults? !

They are not fault codes but indicator lights. It simply means you don’t have a DC or AC charging cable plugged in and operating. Plug in the charging cables and the indicator lights will go off. Please see the below from Bluetti…


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I just got a fault 005. Adapter over voltage, is that on the Do50?
Only running 3 100 watt panels tru d050 enhancer
790 watts tru pv
1 Renogy Solar Panel 100 Watt 12 Volt Eclipse
2 RICH SOLAR 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline
maybe it got too much sun at one time
i think i might have too many volts going in