fault code 1 ac200 max help needed

Device fault.
“Zero camping abnormal”

Does anyone know what it means and what the fix is.

It’s not in the manual.

@nickerbait Can you see what the error code is in the history? (You can provide a picture).
Is the error reported as soon as the machine is turned on?
Can you also provide the software version and SN code so that we can help you better

App is from google play software…I think that’s what you asked for.

@nickerbait Thank you very much for your cooperation, according to the picture you provided, I found that it is 030 reporting error. By reporting this error, the machine needs to be returned for repair and processing. Please contact support as soon as possible for further resolution

How do I contact them. So far you are the only one who responds.

@nickerbait Please contact service@bluettipower.com with the relevant order number and machine SN code, error report image and description.
Thanks for your kind cooperations!


I’ve sent all the info I have. Thank you.

I’ve done these things but no response since I sent the order number 2/17.

What now.

@nickerbait Customer service team indicated that your email was answered on 2/16. Can you please check the spam folder?