Faster Charging for all Bluetti Power Stations

I almost bought the new AC30 featuring a lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, but when I saw it takes 8 hours to charge by wall outlet I changed my mind. I know it probably adds some cost however a good point to make is in an emergency situation or power outage the ability to charge quickly becomes key.

Granted you may not have power at your house but imagine a neighbor has a generator, or someone has a large sola/battery bank at their house, or you go to a near by town where a gas station or store still has some power and they let you hook up. Waiting 8 hours to charge makes the situation even more difficult. Whereas if you could charge quickly you find a power source and “fill up” quickly and get back to where you are needed.

some food for thought

As a pie in the sky thought… Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a built in Graphene hybrid capacitor that when you plugged into a wall socket could quickly hold lots of power like say 1,000 watts and then you would unplug from the wall and it would continue to charge your batteries over the next few hours.


Hi, thanks for sharing your opinions. You may consider the AC50S or other models for faster-charging speed.

The AC30 is just an entry-level model for basic power needs and comes at a rather low price. The cost of this product is not able to cover a higher power adapter.


From what I understand, here is the charging rate from an AC source for the AC30…AC wall charger 90W(29.4V 3A), charging time:4-5hrs. The figure you quoted as 8 hours looks like the DC car charger which is not available for this product. Since the solar input capacity is 150 watts and 25 volts max, I don’t see why there would be any difference in an AC adapter that put out up to the same 150 watts to shorten charging time. Obviously there may be battery life issues, but there seems to be a wide range of acceptable charging and wattage options…15 to 25 volts and up to 150 watts.