Fan inlet filter

Something that would be nice to see in the future would be a simple, cleanable filter on the fan inlet. We all have dust/hair/pet dander in our houses. A simple filter that you could take off and vacuum out would be awesome.


The EB3A is sealed and presuming Non-Serviceable Parts are inside - I doubt we’ll see this happening unless they change the housing design. People who camp and go to the beach should take precautions with placement of the unit keeping it away from gusts of sand and dirt. Accumulation of particulate matter will cause temps to rise within the unit for sure. Maybe add a fan filter to the opening when in risky locations.

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Hi @MontAnna @brandon , Thank you very much for your suggestions, we have submitted this to the relevant departments.

Nice suggestion.
Like these in an U-frame on the outside of the airinlet.

I know for PCs they FINALLY started offering cases with removable magnetic filters (it took them long enough). The dust screens on my Lian Li desktop case are magnetic and easily detach for cleaning. The whole inside of the case stays pretty clean because they do make a difference.