F-150 2.4KW pro-power charging my AC300/B300


I have an F150 w/ a 20 Amp /120 V outlet in the bed of my truck. Whenever I try to charge my Bluetti at 15 Amps I get an alarm and then the power draw drops and the cycle continues again. Please see the attached video: https://youtube.com/shorts/4w2fKm2DQ44 Any thoughts?

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Looks like your output cant provide enough power…
have you tried silent charging?

What is silent charging? Also the car can provide enough power, but the engine needs to rev up to output the desired amount of power (which can take a second or so). My goal is to run the car for the minimum time possible and charge the battery as quickly as possible. I can successfully charge at 8 amps, but I would prefer to fast charge at the full 15 amps.

Is there some advanced setting which can progressively ramp up the AC charge rate over a defined period of time all the way up to 15 amps?

it is a lower charging current but the AC300 lest you chooses a charging current.
So maybe you need to set it to al low value and rev your car and then slowly turn it up

Or try to Add some dummy load to your car like a light bulb with a view 100 watt and turn it foo as soon as the bluetti start charging

Has anyone used a “soft-starter” with the AC300 (or is there a way to set up soft-start within the settings)?