External LiFePO4 Battery?

Can I recharge EB3A with an external LiFePO4 Battery via the DC input?

Yes, just make sure that your battery voltage is between the EB3A’s input range of 12-28V and that your battery has undervoltage protection so that you don’t overdraw from it.

Also, Jeff Hagen from the Bluetti Facebook group did some DC input tests that showed that the EB3A will only draw 1.8A at 12.0V (21.6W) but 8.0A at 13V (104W). If you use a 12V to 24V DC step up converter you can effectively double your charging rate: 8.4A @ 24V (200W).


Thanks so much!

I notice that step-up converters come in different wattages. What wattage would I need for the EB3A? 200? Any other details I need in order to get the correct converter?

Would this work: https://www.amazon.com/Converter-Regulator-Adapter-Vehicle-DC9-20V/dp/B01EFUHGMU/ref=sr_1_2?crid=4SX96NQ2RBXS&keywords=12v+to+24v+dc+step+up+converter+240w&qid=1664912302&sprefix=12v+to+24v+dc+step+up+converter+240w%2Caps%2C131&sr=8-2

Final question: What cable do I need to connect the battery to the EB3A?

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Better late than never with a response!

The converter you linked to should would fine, in fact the below video from Jasonoid uses a very similar, if not identical converter, check it out here: Bluetti EB55 & EB70 Charging Tips and Tricks - Faster Charging Without Solar! EB55 400 Watts Input!? - YouTube. Going with the 15A version instead of the 10A version should give you additional thermal headroom assuming the heatsink is bigger. As for what cable you need, any copper cable (14 AWG or bigger) should do but will need to terminate with a DC7909 barrel connector, something like this: https://www.amazon.com/GINTOOYUN-DC7909-Pigtails-Connector-Pigtail/dp/B09PB3TZZX/ or if you need a longer cable you could buy https://www.amazon.com/GINTOOYUN-Cigarette-Lighter-Bluetooth-Speakers/dp/B09JKMHMGW/ and cut the cigarette lighter connector to wire it into the output of your 12->24VDC converter.