Extention car charging cable?

Hey guys!
I ordered an EB70 but unfortunately the car charging cable is too short to go to my cooler in the back seat. Is there any official extention for the cable? Or unofficial safe extention?
Thank you guys!

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Not sure what you are asking. You mention a cooler in your back seat and the charging cable is too short for that. What does the EB70 car charing cord have to do with the cooler in the back seat?

If you are asking if there is a Bluetti recommended extension cable for any car socket then no, I have not seen one since it would increase resistance, heat and make a weak connection even weaker. Charging an EB70 with the car charge cord is already pulling a lot of amps on a poor connection and going to a longer length just makes that worse.

Sorry I meant my battery and not my cooler. My idea is to put the battery on one of my back seat and the cooler next to it. But the car charging cable is too short and I need to put my battery in front of the passenger seat…and it’s not very practice…

Amazon has a variety of "cig socket extension cords. I would try one that has looks the most heavy duty and is the shortest length to get the job done.

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I just received this, works great, good quality:
NOCO GC019 15A 14AWG 12V Adapter, Heavy-Duty Cigarette Lighter Plug, and Male to Female Socket with 12-Foot Extension Cord

Noco makes great products. Everything I have received from them is first rate.

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Thanks guys! It’s very useful !