Expect increasing demand from Ukraine as Russian attacks cripple power delivery

Because of Russian sabotage of the Ukrainian electricity infrastructure, there now are scheduled power outages to ration the limited electricity supply. Ukraine already relies on EU energy imports because the war has taken it’s toll on domestic electricity production.

Is this your Ukrainian website or a legit Ukrainian partner?

If so, you can expect increased demand from Ukraine as citizens will look for ways to keep their devices working during the outages. Are you ready to meet the demand?

After confirming with the sales colleague responsible for UA, the BLUETTI products in Ukraine are currently only sold through distributors. If Ukrainian customers have a need, they can click the links below to place an order:

As long as the products are in stock, they can generally be delivered within 2-3 days in Ukraine. (Excluding extremely dangerous war zones where delivery is temporarily unavailable)

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Hi Bluetti, I live in Alaska and my Bluetti ac 300&b300 are not covered in Alaska. Since purchase my system while residing in New Hampshire, Bluetti will not honor my Bluetti that is still under warranty. Because I crossed the Canadian Border. My question is why does Bluetti honor systems acquired in this country and not Alaska? My Bluetti B300 is deeply discharged and won’t charge. So since I can not get service from Bluetti because I live in my beloved off grid home in Alaska and no longer have a warranty on my system, common sense tells me I have to fix it myself or nothing at all. I completely reversed engineered my b300 battery. Purchase a golf cart lithium-ion battery charger to charge my dead B300 battery. I am aware of all the dangers of lithium-ion batteries. I am directly connecting my golf cart battery charger to the 52 volt b300 battery leads internally, after completely tearing down my Bluetti b300 battery. Seems very strange that Bluetti will honor this foreign country but not one of the the United States! If there is anyone that can see fit to my state of charge, please advise. I will charge this battery to at lest 40% state of charge or until I can get my AC300 base unit to take over the recovery of my deeply discharged B300. Wish me good luck and God Speed. “ Houston We Have A Problem.” Wow!

Although we really want to help you, due to limited delivery channels and return channels, if you take the product to GU, HI, VI, PR, AK, we are unable to provide delivery and warranty services. I am sorry about the inconvenience. Your understanding would be highly appreciated.

By the way, if you want to correct the SOC, Please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down.

But what about the store https://www.bluettipowerua.com?

According to the site, it is owned by POWEROak GmbH. Isn’t PowerOak your mother company? Or is that website a scam that claims to be Bluetti / PowerOak while is is not?

Here your mother company PowerOak claims that Bluetti is part of PowerOak:

Is bluettipowerua.com part of PowerOak or not?

PowerOak is indeed the parent company of BLUETTI. But it cannot be ruled out that the website is written this way to gain trust.

However, I’m sorry to say that after verification, this website cannot be confirmed as our official authorized store at the moment.
If you do want to purchase from (https://www.bluettipowerua.com/), please order with caution.

Thank you. I’m not in Ukraine but I got a friend that is. I notified him of that website because it seemed legit but I’ll update him.