Expansion battery options for ac180

Hi, serious inquiry here, are expansion battery packs a feasible idea for the ac180? I’m aware there aren’t currently out there (please tell me otherwise). Should I expect something from the expansion series to be compatible with the ac180? Or am I resorted to the larger ac family for extra battery pack compatibility? I’m consistently hitting 100% on most days and would like to get the most out of it but I’m aware of its capabilities. I would appreciate any input! Thanks!

Sorry I must correct this you can connect any of the expansion batteries to the AC180 via the DC Input Port, the same port you connect solar to the device through, looking at the AC180 top left hand corner, which will allow you to charge the AC180 at 500W.

The expansion battery must be activated in Power Bank Mode.

You will also need to purchase the appropriate cable, pending what expansion battery you are looking at purchasing to be able to use it in this configuration.

I presently do this exact procedure with a B80 on one of the AC180’s and a B230 on another AC180.

Works perfectly.


Thank you for your response! That’s great to hear.

Thank you for your response! Why is this unit not able to connect directly with the expansion batteries compared to the other larger units? Seems like a seamless feature.

There is no battery connection port on the AC180 and no ability to communicate or charge an external battery. That is why you cannot directly connect to an expansion battery.

@rbecker28 You can connect the ac180 to the allowed expansion batteries via the proper cable… see pic below:

But like Scott and DJR said above… this unit only accepts the “expansion” via the “powerbank mode”. Meaning the ac180 and the expansions wont communicate. You will only be able to get an input charge from the expansions.

You can find more information and details about that cable here..

You are right, I deleted my post.