Expansion batteries

Does the B300 function as an expansion power supply with the EP500 Pro units and if so how many can be attatched to each EP500Pro?

As a second thought can other LiFePo4 server style batteries be connected to the EP units for charging and discharging?

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Hi @MikeD , B300 can be connected to the EP500PRO for up to two
But this is not an expansion, but can only be used as a battery pack to charge the host.

A combination like AC300+B300 is the real expansion with parallel pack function.

Hope it will help.

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“A combination like AC300+B300 is the real expansion with parallel pack function.”

Does parallel pack function mean 240v as a rusult of teaming controlling generator units such as two EP500s?

Can the B300 charge the host while the host is being used (discharged) and can the B300 be charged and that charge controlled by the host?

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Assuming we are talking about the North American version of the AC300.

To get 240V you would need 2 AC300s and 2 B300s (at least) and a fusion box. This is because you need to put the 2 120V lines in phase with each other in North America to get 240V. This is what the fusion box does.

Yep, I am aware of that, not what I was asking if you read the beginning of the post. I have an EP 500 Pro and was asking about the Bluetti battery modules and their potential use with a unit like mine.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, Parallel pack function does not mean dual firewire 240V, it means AC300+B300 combination is a proper battery extension and will become a whole system when connected. On the contrary, B300 connected to EP500PRO is not a modular battery extension.