Expand capacity for EB3A

Can anybody recommend a means of expanding the EB3A for more capacity?

It has all the functionality I want, but some additional capacity would be great.

I’ve been looking at 12V/100Ah LiFePO4 batteries with the simple positive/negative terminals.

I want to be able to charge excess power from solar to the external 100Ah battery without having to hook up the panels directly to it.

For charging:

Solar → EB3A — 12VDC (or stepped up to 24V) —> External 12V100Ah

and then

For discharging (to EB3A):

External 12V100Ah — unregulated —> EB3A’s 12-28V 8.5A DC port

Is this supported by the EB3A?

Any better suggestions?

If you use a 24 volt battery, you will get double the transfer rate of a 12 volt battery. (around 200 watts or so)

I thought 24V would make it tricky to charge it with the EB3A’s output

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24 volts is within the solar input range and the unit does not care where the voltage comes from as long as the voltage is within the specified range.