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Sale Dates Revealed! The AC2A and AC70 will be available for purchase from November 2nd at BLUETTI’s official website.
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WOW!! I have a feeling these units are going to sell like hotcakes!! Perfect little beasts to get people started into solar! Nicely done @BLUETTI

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AC2A is a great little unit, fine for run a office Laptop, recharge your Phone or have some emergency Power in your garage. But i think my heart really burns for AC70. Its like the perfect combination from Capacity, Inverter,Design and overall formfactor


Wow, BLUETTI has a lot of products. What’s the difference between the EB and AC series? Maybe some simplifications are in order.

The AC70 is a great unit and I think is a direct replacement for the EB70S. It is similar in capacity but more capable and flexible. At a similar price point, there is really no reason to keep making the EB70s.

The AC2A is very similar to the EB3A. A little smaller and cheaper but pretty close. Like a larger power bank that has AC output. If it supports good UPS mode (the EB3A is hit or miss), it may be a useful to back up lower power networking equipment too.

Good to see the innovations keep coming.

AC stands for the Premium series. The portable power stations released in the future will be named under the AC series, no longer using the EB series naming convention. :)

I want one I live in Florida hlep me

If it supports good UPS mode

After viewing Ramblin’ Bob’s review it appears that it does not.

Can you link the review?
What’s wrong with the UPS mode?

He could not find any UPS mode on the unit or any reference to it in the manual, although a test device performed as if it may possibly work. There was no UPS icon present. If I recall, the subject comes up somewhere in the last 25% of the video.

One more thing. Power lifting quit @500W, not the advertised 600W.


Bluetti used to call it UPS mode with a UPS text icon in the display. In the more recent units, the display changed to GRID.

I don’t know if it is actually different, or that it doesn’t function in a way good enough to call it a UPS. What we want is that if this is plugged into AC, then the AC input power is passed directly to the AC output and not through the battery and inverter. This mode is known as offline UPS and is more efficient and less wear on the system. When the AC input is disconnected, then the AC output is immediately switched to battery inverter power quick enough that there is no interruption. Ideally <20ms

How can we tell?
For the 1st pass-through criteria, use a AC input with a slightly different voltage. For example, a 110V AC inverter. Measure the AC output and we should see that the AC output is at 110V AC instead of the usual 120V AC when it is under battery inverter. There should also be a click sound when the relay closes.
For the 2nd test, that is simple. Plug the unit into AC input, plug some stuff on AC output. Unplug AC input and everything should stay on. Do this like 10 times and all 10 times should pass without device rebooting. If you have a scope, you can check timing.

Power lifting is overrated… it doesn’t actually do what it may seem. Don’t depend on it.

Yes, GRID was displayed but unfortunately he did not conduct a thorough test. There has been enough posts here complaining about the UPS function on the EB3A, I think everyone already knows what they want to see on the new units.

Regarding Power Lifting, I was merely passing on his findings shown in the video. Personally, I never use it but others may have an interest in test results.

Oh don’t me started about the EB3A in UPS mode. I bought 5 of them to be used as UPS, now I have 2. Nuff said. I hope this problem is fixed in new products.

I have only used one of my two EB3As a few times in UPS mode and it actually worked. Haven’t tried again though.

Based on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smjcrhITT9M

It does like AC2A and AC70 supports UPS mode just fine (tested for 36 hours). All except 1 of my 5 EB3A failed randomly between 6 hours -14 days on UPS mode. They were bought between March and May 2023. So that isn’t 100% guarantee, but it is a good start.