Exceeding all expectations! - 2*EP600+2*B500 Advanced Power Kit

:muscle: A 6000 W bi-directional inverter | 9.9 kWh Power Capacity
:zap: 7600 W output power for off-grid use
:+1: 12000W output power for on-grid use
:sun_with_face: 12000W Solar Input
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hassle-free modular design, no wall mounting needed
:shield: Enjoy a 10-year warranty and on-site installation service
:moneybag: Witness a significant reduction in your electricity bills – a true epitome of cost-efficiency

:partying_face:Get your 2* EP600+2* B500 at 11.998 € today
:star2:#BLUETTIEP600 – Elevating your home energy storage experience.:white_check_mark:

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Wait did i miss something? Didnt have the EP600 a 3 phase AC output with 6000W, single Phase 2000W. Is this a new generation?

Or did you nean you can reach 12000W when connecting two units?

I think so too … the performance can only be achieved if you pair two systems

Yes, two EP600 dual systems to get to 12000W :blush:

Ahh okay, thanks for clarify