Eventually the fans and screens will need cleaning

As anyone with a desktop computer knows, cleaning the cooling parts of the system will be necessary at some point.
It looks like the two sides of the AC500 are held on with just 4 screws, with no decal to uncover hidden screws like on the front panel, (yeah, I watched the tear down youtube video.)
Naturally none of us want to void our warranty, so can this be an allowed DIY cleaning? While the air screen on the right side can be easily vacuumed, the fans and left side screen will need to be cleaned sooner or later. Even though I keep my house cool, the fans run at high speed fairly often throughout the day and night.

Due to the warranty problem, the AC500 cannot be disassembled and cleaned. And it can’t be poured water in. For routine maintenance and cleaning, we suggest that you wipe the vent with a dry cloth.

Aw gee, and I was going to use a power washer. :crazy_face:

Give us a little credit, but then again I guess you have to be careful about what you say.
I vacuum the inside of my computer and clean the fan blades all the time because I know what I’m doing, but yeah, not everyone does.
I’ll probably water cool my next computer build as I hate dealing with dust buildup.