EV3A- solar input/charging while DC and/or AC outlets used

EB3A solar charge while using DC out/AC out…

How does the unit handle being fed power from a solar panel (200 watt limit in?) while power is pulled via the DC output? AC inverter?

Does the solar panel extend the charge level of the battery by adding power?

Thanks in advance

If the PV input is greater than the DC output, it does not go through the inverter.
I apologize, I don’t quite understand what your last question means exactly.

Let’s say that the PV input is 24vdc/5a and I have a 12w…12vdc load. Does the PV system charge the battery and feed the load at the same time?
What if the load is12w…120vac? The PV input is greater than both loads… Does the battery get charged?
Just making sure I understand how the system works.
Thanks for your help.

@Rdavis852 The part with more PV input will charge the battery. Conversely, the portion with insufficient PV input is output by the battery.

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Its pretty easy.

Lets say you have 200W Input from your Solar Panel and charge your Phone with 15W.

The Battery will charge now with 185W and your Phone with 15W.

As long the input is greater than the output (and the battery isnt full) it will charge the internal battery.


Thx… Just wanted to be sure how it works