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Dear Bluetti - I ordered your AC200MAX and 2 SP200 (SPF-EU-2868 and SPF-EU-2870) via your EU-webshop. Sadly there was no option during payment to apply as a company/VAT Number or to apply Austrian tax.
I am from Austria and there is no way to get German taxes back.

There is no feedback via email ( so I am reaching out to you over the forum.

I had the same issue as I wanted to buy as business customer. Via direct sales contact I received 2 emails stating that that would not be a problem, once I wanted to order it turned out TO BE a problem.

Some lame excuses that they already had pre-paid the VAT… Result, no order from me! And I didn’t just want to buy peanuts; 1x AC300 + 4x B300.

Seemingly the don’t need/like the business.

Hi @EchteWappie @maik

Pls contact our customers service at My colleague will help you.

Tried it again while suplying a link to this thread. Now let’s wait.

Ok. Pls submit your certificate of registration asap, and them my colleague will submit it to the financial department for tax refund. Any questions, pls feel free to contact me.

I purchased also via the webshop, and paid with Paypal. In the webshop, there is no way to add a VAT-number for an EU-reverse charge invoice. When I asked for the paid VAT amount to be returned, you wanted me to pay the net amount again, via SEPA, and then you would refund my Paypal payment. I could not and can not agree with a double payment. You can easily refund the VAT amount to my bank account I gave you in my emails, without having me to pay again first. You refused, which is strange, since you’re a GmbH in Germany and I am a business in the Netherlands.

Hi @MrMacvos,

Thank you for your attention.
Our will describe the specific refund process at the end of this month.
Can you pls provide your email and order number? I’ll check it for you.

@BLUETTI My e-mail address: and order number: SPF-EU-2708. I have had the discussion about the VAT with someone called Niya.

For your information, I just received a reply from

According to the company regulation, if you you want to buy as company, please provide below file:

  1. Company registration certificate;

2.VAT registration certificate;

  1. Please pay via bank transfer with you cooperate account offline.

Thank you.

Best regards,


For me it is too late, I already ordered the units yesterday via, where I also have a business accout.

Hi @MrMacvos

Thank you for you info.
I will ask my colleague to follow up.
Any questions, pls let me know.

Hi @EchteWappie,

It doesn’t matter. We’ll improve the tax refund process asap. Welcome all of you to make some useful suggestions.