EU -Shipping Problem Ireland - 8 Weeks and still no Delivery

Dear Bluetti Team,

Is there a phone number to contact the EU sales team?
I ordered the Ac300 and Battery on 8th of March. Paid in Full and taken from my Bank account.
I have not received my order ORDER SPF-EU-2797

By email I got a tracking number for a German Freight company, But the tracking number does not work.I rang the German transport company, and tried to speak to them in my really bad German. But I cannot understand.

please can you help me?
Why is the package delayed?
Is there a number I can ring to speak to someone in English?

I would really appreciate your help.

best regards

I was able to speak to Victor on the US phone number(thank you Victor). who put me in touch with with another Bluetti team member.

Excellent. Glad they got ya taken care of. Save this age for the future if you happen to need it. :metal:

An update for anyone else in the same position. The shipping company owned up to losing the package. Unfortunately the ac300 and battery pack I ordered is now out of stock , but I am told it will be back in stock at the start of June. So I am still waiting. Bluetti staff have been always helpful and courteous. Hopefully the new stock will be in soon and I can get my ac300

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@Djay sucks about the delay but I’m glad they were able to get you taken care of! Cheers! :metal:

Just an update for anyone interested, it’s been 3 months and still no delivery. Absolutely unbelievable Has anyone else in Europe had to wait this long? What is happening with bluetti!

I have not been taken care of

@BLUETTI can you assist @Djay in any way?

@Djay please keep us posted if they reach out on how things get taken care of. Thanks man

Hi @Djay , sorry for late reply and convenience caused.
It has been confirmed with the order support department that your order was lost in transit.
The department has actively contacted the logistics provider regarding reshipment, but due to the unique nature of the destination and item, TET and DB refused to ship the package. Support team will follow up with you via email about a refund. Please check your email.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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Eventually after nearly 4 months and I am told we cannot deliver to you and I received a refund. All together a very disappointing and frustrating experience.

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Ireland is a large enough European country, it’s not Easter island or anything

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