EU customers fooled?

Just received my AC200MAX EU version with a Fuyuang branded 411W rated power brick that is delivering 390W to the AC200MAX. This is 100W less (or 20% !) than the advertised 500W charger. So 20% more charging time for me. From the website to the user manual, the power brick is said to be 500W. I’m a bit disappointed, EU customers are never treated equally as their US conterparts.

This appears to be the same charger that was shipped with the original AC200 and AC200P models. I have two of them and have used them without issue. Yes they are 100 watts less than current, but they are silent. I do not know if they are shipped to the EU for an electrical code issue or what the reason is.

Count you blessing. I will swap you my noisy 500 watt ac brick for your 400 watt quiet ac brick. You are right, the EU people get better treated than US. We have been asking Bluetti to bring the AC 400 watt back because the AC500 brick runs the fans all the time.

Well I would have asked for a 500W silent one instead :sweat_smile: especially when charging power is the weak point of the unit (main competitor has an embedded 1800w one)

I am glad you like my sense of humor, but remember that you loose 20% power because of overhead of the AC200Max. I use solar power most of the time and that is 1200 watts of input power.

Sadly I don’t have a solar system yet so I’d like to use ac input for now. And as I’m loosing 20% power because of efficiency, I’d rather not to loose 20% again because I’ve been sent a 20% weaker unit than advertised when I purchased the product.

You are not losing the 20% again, it simply takes 20% longer to charge.

Looks like there is a chip shortage for T500 production so nothing they can do about that except to ship the units with the 400w charger.


Sorry for the inconvenience.
T500 has been out of stock so we ship the T400 to you. T400 is not bad for its fanless and better heat management. If you really don’t like it, just contact our customers service.

It’s because you’re on metric electricity.


I just purchased the AC200P in the US and it shipped with the Fuyuang power supply. The power supply gets extremely hot because it has no fans. I’m not happy with it. I would prefer T500 with fans as I feel it might be safer.


I purchase my AC200Max end of February 2022, and it came with the 500W charger.
So should be an exception and not constant for EU customers.

Regards, Bernd.