error notifications via phone?

This may have been asked a hundred times already but I don’t see any posts when searching on “notifications”. Am I correct that there’s no way to receive a notification via phone when an error shuts down my two AC300’s synched into a 240 circuit? The alarm sound is so feeble it’s not audible down in my basement by the service panel. I woke up today to find my AC300’s had a “high power sensor” alarm and shut everything down. The only reason I was aware was my ventilation system was off and the house was stuffy.

@bluetti_jgoodnough2gmailcom It is normal to have errors reported during the configuration process, can you check the historical fault codes?
The following video tutorial is for your reference

No. My 240 Split-phase set up has been running for months with no problems. This appeared to be a grid related problem that may have caused an overpower surge. My house lights flickered at the same time which was the real clue to even check on the Bluetti’s. I don’t run my entire house on the batteries…just the refrigerators, freezers and ventilation system. My concern is the system deactivated the AC output during the alarm but I was unaware it had happened. And it seems there’s no way for the AC300’s to send a notification that they’re down? Really? That’s like 20th century.

If there is an abnormality, the machine is going to report an error. Your light is not connected to the machine, that can be ruled out is the cause of the machine.
AC300 maximum input is 6000w, you can check what load is connected to the lamp flashing, as well as the total number of power.