Error (Main Relay Failure) A015

Less than one year of devise. I used it from December to March. And till today I didn’t use it at all. Today I tried to turn on my wi-fi router with AC connection and it doesn’t work. On display AC sign starts flashing and that’s it. I tried to turn it on from my mobile application and it says: Error (Main Relay Failure) A015.
Can I fix myself?

@Kosmos May I ask which EB model you are using?

The model is EB3A, 600 W, 268Wh

Can you try turning on the AC first, and then connecting the load to see if error still reports?

The same error.
The same error even when I turn on AC and connect anything to it.
And I didn’t say but DC and light works as usual.

Noted. Based on your situation, you need to contact support at to have the EB3A returned for repair.