Error during Firmware Update “Cancelled” ACMAX 200

The latest App update shows that there is an ARM update from Version 4008.03 to 4008.06 but on starting the update, it fails after a couple of seconds into the Transfer with a cancelled message.

Having turned everything off and on again, disconnected extension batteries and solar/AC input. It still fails.
Has anyone else had this issue and is there a solution? Noting there is another post that seems so suggest its caused problems with their unit. Is it even worth updating?


Yes i am also experiencing the same problem…

See picture.

i have the same problem, my box is after update down.

No problems updating to the new version. Also a EU (Netherlands) version.

DSP Version: 4005.07
Arm Version: 4008.06
BMS Version: 1010.07
HMI Version: 6037.02

I did the update within a range of 1 meter of the powerstation.

@BLUETTI , please can i get a reply to why im unable to update the firmware? There is now a BMS update that also fails during transfer and displays a cancelled message. My phone is right next to the device. Looking at other posts appearing, there is clearly some issues with the firmware update process.
it would be helpful for Bluetti to release some actual support information on the forum rather than one line responses relayed from tech support as this level of support is letting the product down.
Update - I managed to install the BMS update today by physically removing the connected additional batteries even though they were not turned on.~
I still cannot install the ARM update.

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@Wolf359 , Can you connect the machine with Bluetooth, please?

@BLUETTI yes i can connect to the device using Bluetooth, the app responds fine but i can now see that you have pulled the ARM firmware update from the offering so im assuming techs have identified an issue and removed the option to update until they find a resolution?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We have confirmed with the relevant technical engineering that if the AC200MAX does not continue to work after updating the firmware, it will need to be returned for repair and a single update process at a service station.

For details you need to contact support department to obtain further return to the factory for registration operations.

Thank you again for your support and understanding.