Error code 008 Ac300

I use my AC300 to offset power bills during daylight hours. I have a small 4 circuit transfer switch I can plug into the AC300 and use during Peak time which is from 3pm to 7pm. I heard a sound after using for about an hour or so. I got error code 008, The AC no longer turns on. Dc works, it won’t charge from the Grid anymore, and I found out the next day it won’t accept solar coming in for whatever reason. I tried unplugging everything and turning it off, but keep getting that 008 error. Is there a Solution to this? I have an AC300 with 2 B300 batteries, I put a lot of money into this and I’m frustrated…don’t know what to do. Any help about this would be great

Send a message to Bluetti service with the serial number of your AC300 (on the back label) and an image of the error message screen with the 008 OC error (Over Current). It may be one of a batch of failing units (one of mine was affected) and due to the warranty it will be replaced.