Error 041 BMS temperature error


I bought the AC200P as the main powersouce in my van setup.
It worked fine for about 3 days. I have charged it to a 100% when I left home and now I am on the road. I’ve been charging it with the cigaret lighter output of my van, but now it wont charge at all anymore.

The moment it reaches 100w of charging the error shows up and stops charging.

This happens with all 3 possible options I ve availeble.
AC cigaret lighter
AC solar panel
DC charging unit

Hopefully you could help me with this issue.

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Do you have the charging source set to “CAR” in the settings screen when trying to car charge?


I tried every setting I could find.

You mention the AC solar panel which is actually DC and the DC charging unit which converts 120 volts AC to 58 volts DC to charge. Are you saying you have tried the AC charging brick as well with no luck? If so can you take a picture of the main panel screen when you are connected to the charging sources to see what is being indicated? Thanks

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Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
If there is a 041 error code, please email with your order ID and a picture showing the error code for a replacement.

Interesting…I need to look up the 041. Sorry to hear your troubles and on the road no less. When resolved I would like to know the cause to improve my general knowledge & possible issues of the AC200 since I own one. Hope u have quick resolution. Don’t think I’ve seen this error reported before on this site but I’m still finding new info.

O41 is the problem of BMS, we can send a replacement to our customer during the warranty period