Error 008 OCP Over Current Protection - Hardware Alert

Good morning @BLUETTI , I have received the Ac300 combo with 2* B300 two days ago. I have activated the AC ports on the power station and the system show a error: 008 OCP Over Current Protection - Hardware Alert. After the reboot of the power station the problem remain.
I can’t use the AC ports.
Can I help me? Thanks

Hi Albert,

The 008 may require the unit to be reset or may need to be replaced.

I would suggest that you email and give them an overview and the error you got. You should also provide information about your order number and serial number of the unit(s) with this issue. They will ask you to do some tests and if required should replace the unit.

Support usually responds within 48 hours after your email is sent.

Hi thank you, ok I will send the email to with all informations and a video.

Hi @Albert , The main reason for the 008 error is that the machine is connected to the distribution box.
AC300 can not be connected to the distribution box directly, you need to purchase a sub panel and then connect to the distribution box. Therefore, please contact our support department as soon as possible to get further solutions. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!
We apologize again for the inconvenience caused.

Hi @BLUETTI I have unboxed the Ac300 and I only try to use a 1200w hairdryer in the first AC port. When I turned on the hairdryer the system showed an error.