[EP760] PV panels specs

I’ve just ordered an EP760 (I live in Italy) as a UPS solution.
I would also like to install some PV panels but I cannot find the voltage accepted by the EP760.
It only said “from 150V to 500V” but I believe I should know what voltage (12/24/48V) the MPPT accepts before buying the panels.

Am I right?
Thanks in advance

In this case it doesn’t matter, you have to connect several PV modules in series anyway to get a run-up voltage between 150 and 500V. Standard PV modules with approx. 400W have an open-circuit voltage of around 38V, so you could connect a maximum of 12 modules in series.
To start the MPPT (minimum 150V), there should be at least 4 modules. If you use PV modules with different open-circuit voltage the calculation will be different.

@enlightx The MPPT voltage range of EP760 is 150-500V, not 12/24/48V. Simply connect the solar panel according to the parameters of 150-500V. :)

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Now I get it :slight_smile:

Thank you both!