EP600 specification: Battery capacity in Wh 9.920-79.360 Wh possible?

Just read this about the EP600 specifications on another website and wondering how it will works?
Ok, up to 19.840 Wh will be reached with 4xB500, but how do we achieve 79.360 Wh, for that we need 16xB500, or not?
And how they are connected? Is it really posible to connect more than 4x500 to one EP600, in case we can stack a maximum of 4xB500 under one EP600? If yes how they are connected together, is there a junction box ore similar available?

Hi @SigiKa

Each EP600 Unit can handle up tp 4 B500 Batterys. You are able to connect 2 EP600 Units together to achieve 12000 W output with 3 Phase, 4000W Single Phase output and use 2x4 B500 Batterys (39680Wh). As far as i know this is the maximum.



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Hi @Selfmadestrom
I know the current specifications on the BLUETTI homepage.
But I’m wondering what BLUETTI listed on the website a few months ago (just look in the past, dec 2022 to feb 2023) and cann’t believe my eyes …

Here are some impressions from the past (on the official website):

And so on …

But this is my favourite, it shows me ONLY ONE (!) EP600 and 16x (!) B500

That’s what I meant, how was or would that have been possible?

@BLUETTI May you can ask a technican, how this graphics are possible?

Hallo Erik …Ich kann dir nur sagen, dass es auch von Werk aus nicht vorgesehen ist, die Batterien so zu stellen… ich habe einen EP600 Turm mit 2xB500 und mir nun eine dritte Batterie geordert. Diese Batterie muss aber extern stehen, da nach oben kein Platz vorhanden ist. Die notwendigen Kabel gibt es dazu nicht und müssen nun in China extra gefertigt werden (Lieferzeit ca 2 Monate, einen Monat warte ich bereits).
Auch kann man scheinbar die Seitenblenden nicht mehr installieren.

The last few days I’ve been thinking about making these battery cables myself.
The thick battery cables are AWG 2 silicone cables (35 mm2) and are actually available by the metre, but I’m still struggling with the connectors. These high voltage connectors are from Sanco (es090-03c35-1sna-01), a manufacturer from asia. I found these connector on Alibaba, but unfortunately it does not deliver to Austria…
To crimp these connectors isn’t so difficult, if you have the right tool and some experience in the production of (car) battery cables.
Maybe I can find a nice salesman at BLUETTI who will sell me these plugs individually?

Hi @Kbuettgen

Das war mir auch neu, ich dachte wenn man ein Set mit 4 B500 anbietet, passt auch alles. Danke für deine Ergänzung.

Hi @Kbuettgen

That was also new to me, I thought if you offered a set with 4 B500s, everything would fit. Thanks for your addition.

Oh, dann hast du mich missverstanden oder ich mich missverständlich ausgedrückt.
Bis zu vier übereinander gehen … nur wenn man keinen Platz hat (Ep600 + 2xB500) und einen zweiten Turm bauen möchte/muss (weitere 2xB500), dann gibt es ab Werk keine Kabel dafür.

Somit wäre es auch von vornherein ausgeschlossen, weiter Türme zu bauen und die Werbung mit bis zu 16 B500 wäre sicherlich fehlerhaft.

Technologisch konnte BLUETTI mir bisher nicht sagen, was die maximale Länge der Verbindungskabel wäre.

Ahso^^, dachte schon. Danke fürs klarstellen ;)

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@SigiKa Due to the limitations of the current software and the unfinished combiner box, and the fact that the battery pack combiner box certification has not been passed, the EP600+16×B500 combo is currently unavailable.

If only the grid side is parallel connected, both 2×EP600 and 4/6/8×B500 are suitable options. (Only the grid side can achieve double power output).

If both the grid side and the backup side are connected in parallel, currently only 2×EP600 and 2×B500 are supported. Both sides can achieve double power output.

@BLUETTI Thanks for clarify.
I do not plan to use 16xB500, but I am interested in how far I could expand my batteries to be able to charge an e-car overnight.
I will therefore continue to pursue the parallel connection of 2xEP600.