EP600, How to limit SoC max value while PV-charging?


I have currently set the SOC values to 25% - 85%. However, since the last update I have noticed that when charging via/only with PV, the SoC reaches 100% and no longer stops at SoC max.
Previously, I was able to achieve the SoC values (even when charging with PV) by activating “charge from grid” and “feed into grid”, but setting the values for input/output current to 0A.
Currently, the SoC max value is still ignored. I think it is better for the service life of the batteries, if they are only charged up to 80%.
How can I reactivate this (as it worked before)?

Hi @SigiKa

are you sure that it worked befoure? I dont own a EP600, but to my knowledge, the SoC Parameters doesnt apply to PV charging. Atleast when i saw this topic the last time.


Hi @Selfmadestrom

yes, I’m sure, it worked before.
However, only with the workaround that “charge from grid” and “feed into grid” are switched on.
I have set the schedule to off and the current to 0A so that nothing goes to/from the grid and charging only takes place via PV.
The PV charging stopped at the SoC max value. PV charged up to SoC 100% without switching on “charge/feed grid”.
I’m not sure if it was a feature or a bug, but I found it quite useful, especially for not always bringing the battery to 100%. Which won’t be possible for the next 8 to 10 months without this feature.

@SigiKa I have confirmed with our technicians that the SOC high setting cannot limit PV charging. It will always charge when there is PV input, so as not to waste energy.

It sounds like a good additional feature would be adding a Maximum Solar Charge Percentage for when long-term battery health is more important than using every bit of solar power.

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OK @BLUETTI_CARE , thanks anyway.
I would like to join @JayCharges here, please add it to the “wish list” for the developers and add an additional feature for extra SOC Max for PV limits.

@SigiKa @JayCharges Thanks for your opinion. I will give feedback to our R&D department for evaluation and hope this feature can be implemented as soon as possible.