EP600: how does the SoC setting work?

By default the SoC parameters are 20% - 80%, but it seems the values be ignored on loading via PV and discharching trough night.
If the PV modules work a few hours, the battery show me 100%, after discharging through night, it show me on morning less then 12%.

How does the SoC setting work? Are this high and low settings only for charching and discharching with/to grid and not for charching with PV and discharching by selfconsumption?

I think the battery would live longer, if we donn’t go every day from 100% to 0% and back again.
Am I missing somethink ore work it “as designed”?

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Hi @SigiKa

Thats a strange behavior. SoC Setting set the highest value where PV and AC can charge to and to lowest value where the output deliver energy.

The SoC for the lowest value just cut off the power, so selfconsumption of the Unit is still present. That explained the drop to 12% when 20% is configured. But charging to 100% when you set 80% isnt normal.

Make sure you update your unit to the latest available Firmwareupdate. Is the problem still present maybe @BLUETTI_CARE or @BLUETTI can help you with a custom FW Update.

Can you share the current versions with us?



Hello @SigiKa , the SoC doesn’t work if you disable the „feed-to-Grid Settings“ (Einstellungen für Netzeinspeisung).
Without these settings, it is in an kind of “off grid” mode and takes the total available capacity
That’s how my EP600 works

Oh, really? Didnt know that. Thanks for clarify! @Kbuettgen

Thanks @Kbuettgen for clarification. Sounds bad for me, I don’t like to “feed” the Grid, because in that case I have to give away my battery power for free (no refund, no earning money).
Hmm, I have to play around with the values and try, what’s the best solution for this problem.

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@SigiKa SOC Low and SOC High cannot control the status of PV.

@BLUETTI_CARE your refer to documetation isn’t clear for me.
I asked if it’s possible to control the charching of the battery via PV by setting the SoC high value. If I charge the battery ONLY via PV, which advantage do you see, to switch from PV-charching to PV-charching (!) after reaching SoC high value? “When its battery capacity reaches this value, EP600 will be recharged via PV…”

On my understandig, charching via PV is allways prior to charching via grid, so the battery should reach the SoC high capacity only by charching via PV.

I’d really recomend to include some function to STOP any charching of the battery if it’s capacity reaches SoC high. Would be match better for livetime of our battery, isn’t it?

Why do you overload the SoC high value after reaching its limit and push extra PV power in it?

Same problem with SoC low value. Why isn’t the battery going into “sleep” mode after its capacity reaches SoC low value?
As I see in my app, the capacity of battery is much less than SoC low value.
In the case of no charching (no grid, no PV) should the battery also go sleeping and wake up only if it will be recharged again, or on load on the backup wires in case of emergency. In normal case I don’t useing backup function and switched it of via transferswitch, so there isn’t any load on this wires …

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@SigiKa You can’t control the charging of the battery via PV by setting the SoC high value. The value of SOC high is only applicable to mains charging.

@BLUETTI_CARE you confuse me a little bit. Just trying some different values to check the suggestion from @Kbuettgen
Set SoC to 95%, battery is charching via PV (only via PV)

Just set SoC down to 85%

EP600 imeediately stop charching via PV (sun is still shining ;-) )

But it seems to be necessary to switch on “Charge From Grid” and “Feed Into Grid”. In this case I set both values to 0W and 0A.

If I set SoC again on a higher value (more than 95%) charging via PV starts again.

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Just test it again, new SoC high value and waiting for full charging …

After going araound 3% higher than SoC high value, EP600 stop charging at 93%.
Same behaviour on SoC low value, if it is going more than 3% less, it will stop discharging the battery.

Is not really clear why PV-loading depends on switching on charge/feed from/to grid, but so what, I can live with this behaviour …

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@SigiKa If the battery charge is higher than the SOC high, the PV and battery are sold to the grid together, and the PV will not be charged. If the battery charge is lower than the SOC high, and the PV is charging.