"EP600 Grid parallel" What happens if I connect the Backup in parallel?

I have never tried it, but I wonder what would happen if I connect the backup in parallel?

Will this lead to a short circuit and destroy the inverters?
Or could this work in the meantime, as there have already been several months and firmware upgrades in between since my commissioning (and this connection diagram)?


Backup in parallel applies to the following scenarios:
Two sets of EP600+2 * B500 or two sets of EP600+3 * B500 or two sets of EP600+4 * B500 can achieve parallel power on the grid side and parallel power on the off-grid side, achieving power doubling and capacity doubling.

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Wow, that’s really good news, this diagram is completely new to me.
In other words, this is a completely different connection cable to the one I’m currently using?

Where can I order the cable set (as in your picture), is it in stock in Germany?
I can’t find it in the shop under accessories …
Can you please send me the connection diagram for this variant of off-grid parallel operation? I only have the on-grid parallel version.
And one additional question. Should the yellow/green ground cable also be connected from on tower to the second?

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Yes, they are not the same cable.
I will send you the part number of the cable through a private message. After you get the part number, you need to contact our DE support department and the support team will be responsible for arranging these cables for you. In addition, the ground wire needs to be connected for safety.

Many thx, @BLUETTI
I got the part number and have just contacted DE Support.

Hey Bluetti. I need the same cable set for my both EP600+2*B500. Thank you!

@Andaaal The part numbers of the cables have been sent to you via private message on the web forum.
Please check your PM. Thanks!

Hello, im finally connected my setup 2* EP600+ 6B500 in parallel.
What settings should I choose for Charge from Grid?
2000w per phase, or 4000 per phase since I have 2

Where I can find manuals regarding options in app (pro-mode)?
What is Automatic Transfer?
Enable Power Optimizer?
Utility Disconnect?

In advanced settings Generator switch? It means that EP600 can launch generator when batteries low?

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@Olvrick I will send you the EP600_off-grid_Parallel_Connection manual through private message.

Please refer to the following screenshot for the explanation of the terms.

4KW for each phase, and the feed-in power is also 4KW.

Please also check the screenshot of the APP interface settings shared by the technical team.

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I received my parcel from BLUETTI Germany today and immediately went down to the garage to finally switch to “off-grid parallel”.
The support team assured me beforehand that the cables were 2 metres long … unfortunately I only measure 1m.
Sorry, 1 metre is already the minimum distance when two EP600s are installed next to each other.
I have no idea how this is supposed to fit, or what Bluetti was thinking …

… I’m currently waiting to hear back from BLUETTI Germany.

@BLUETTI can you please send me the EP600_off-grid_Parallel_Connection manual through private message too? (Maybe I’ll get the right cables after all)

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PM sent, pls check :)

Wow this setup looks like a perfect ground for showcasing 2x EP600 in parallel!
Keep us posted, I really want to see this in action :blue_heart:

@Bluetti can you please send me the Part Number of the cables and the manual?
2x ep600 with 2x B500 each

@TorstenFR , @BLUETTI

A short update from me on the cables. I received the (unpleasant) confirmation from Bluetti DE yesterday:

Sorry that we did not explain the length of the cables clearly before.
Please check the attachment and kindly know that the lengths of the 3 kinds of cable are:

  1. The Red one, is 1500士50mm (not including the connect plug)
  2. The Black one, is 1500士50mm (not including the connect plug)
  3. Another 2 Black cables, 2000士50mm (not including the connecting plug)

Sorry, that we don’t have the longer cables.
Thanks for your kind understanding and patience.

I’ll have to come up with something, as I’ve set up the two EP600s almost at the required distance of 1000mm. This means that the battery cables must be at least 2000mm apart and the communication cables at least 2500mm apart …