EP600 Comparison to new EP750

Just reading about the new EP750 and compare it to my EP600.
The main difference, in my opinion, is the fact EP600 uses 3 Phase (L1, L2, L3 and N), EP750 only one Phase (L and N) and the Output Current differs from 8,7A × 3 to 33A on EP750.

But I’m wondering how EP750 will work if, for example, an havy load is on L1 but the EP750 is connected to L2? How will the EP750 provide the power to my home? Lets us say, my washing machine use 3.5 kW on L1, will then EP750 provide 3.5 kW on L2 to the Grid and in the Counter (smart meter) is the over all consumption zero-sum?

Is this behavior also on my EP600 posible? If my washing machine use 3.5 kW on L1, EP600 can provide a maximum of 2.0 kW on L1, the remaining 1.5 kW came from Grid, isn’t It?
Or is it possible for the EP600 to provide the 2.0 kW on L1 and provide the remainning 1.5 kW (for a load of 3.5 kW on L1) additional on L2 (or L3) like EP750 will do it? In that case, the over all consumption could also be a zero-sum?
Is this behavior possible on EP600, or only on the newer EP750 and EP800?

The EP760 is only capable of single phase output, only minding its own phase. Which phase has more loads, put EP760 on that phase.
With the EP600 system, parts of each phase over 2kw are supplied by the utility. Phase connection in series is not available.
In contrast, EP600 is more suitable for Germany.

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OK, thx @BLUETTI for clarification on this behavior.
On your homepage you show also a picture of two EP600 in one installation. How will they work together? Can the manage the loads in parallel an add the power limit 4 kW on each phase? Ore have we install two EP600 on separated circuit?
In the installation documentation I found only the electric diagram for one EP600 with its own CT, transfer switch and smart meter for AC-mode. Do we need to install each accessorie double, or can two EP600 interact and useing only one CT and smart meter?

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Two EP600’s work in parallel with each other to provide 4kw of power. Installed on the same circuit, only one CT, meter and conversion switch are required.

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@BLUETTI thx for clarify on this working mode.
How will the two EP600 interact with each other, is an additional connection from the first (master?) to the second EP600 (slave?) necessary? Where can I find the documentation for this use case?

I have sent the “Dual-EP600 Supplemental Installation Information” file to you by private message. Please check.

Just read it, many thanks @BLUETTI

So it has full off-grid capability I see.
Up to how many units can work in parallel? My question is about knowing up to how much amps I could get per phase in an off-grid setup.
BTW, this observation might seem skittish - but I see that there is a breaker on the side of that unit. Wonderful. My current Victron/Pylontech installation broke down last week and I learned that the battery fuse in soldered in the BMS PCB. Can you believe that? Not only does a minor surge risks blowing up the BMS, but it also… voids the warranty. Leading brands have no shame.
@Bluetti reassure me… how would you guys handle a defective EP600/B500? Replace on-site, send a technician?
Even though I hope my current setup can be repaired, the trust is gone. I’m starting to think seriously about ditching my blue boxes and replacing them with a no-nonsense, no wire jungle solution.
BTW, do you install in Belgium already? Or are you looking to develop your installer network? I remember Mr Deng briefly mentioning this on the phone.

@Derceto EP600 supports up to two hosts in parallel, with maximum output per phase off-grid 4kw, 17A. But EP600 is only available in Germany.
If you are in Belgium, you can check out our latest EP760 system. Our EP home energy storage system is designed with modular components, allowing for easy repair of any malfunctioning parts.
Once the EP760 is certified for grid connection in Belgium (Estimated time is late October), we will provide installation services.

Excellent, thanks. Is it possible to hook up 3 EP760 so they pool their batteries, and each handle an individual phase?

EP760 currently only supports single host operation and can connect up to 4×B500 battery packs, achieving a large capacity of 19.8kWh.

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Are the plans to make a 3-phase, multi unit setup available in Belgium please? We’re quite a good target market for off-grid capable, 3-phase enabled devices… taxpayers will love you I’m sure.

@Derceto EP760 only supports single-phase output while EP600 supports three-phase output. However, the grid certification in Belgium is still under review. Once the BLUETTI home energy storage system is certified for grid connection in Belgium, you can start considering it.

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Excellent, great work :muscle:t2::sunny::+1:t2:

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