EP600 + B500 (one) limitations


Is there any limitations for EP600 with only ONE B500 battery? Max power or etc?


Hi @Qwerty

nothing im aware of. I also can find anything related to this on the Website.

@BLUETTI or @BLUETTI_CARE can you double check if you need atleast two B500 get full power or one is enough?


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Although it is not a limitation, the self-discharge (self-consumption of the EP600) must not be completely forgotten.
The self-consumption of the EP600 is somewhere around 120W (60W in standby). This means that approx. 2.5kWh is ‘lost’ per day.

If only one B500 is used (approx. 4.5kWh usable capacity) and the SoC value is 20-80%, there is practically nothing left of the battery after a day without consumption, unless it is constantly recharged …
The self-consumption does not increase if several B500s are used, but there is simply more usable capacity left as a UPS.


Wow, thats a lot self consumption! Im wondering why. The AC500 for example have the same 6000W Output as a single phase and doesnt consume nearly that much

Yes, 120W is a bit much, but on the other hand there are three phases, i.e. three inverters that run constantly and provide the power on the backup side. In other words, implementing the function of an online UPS.
How much self-consumption does your AC500 have? If we triple that, then we’re probably in the same range …

I can find at least small desktop UPS with around 700VA and a self-consumption of 10 to 50W online. I’m not really above that with my three-phase 6kW EP600.

For what i can see, only AC on consumes about ~27W for AC500. When multiply its 81W.

@Qwerty The following picture is for your reference.

The power consumption of EP600 is around 40W under the latest firmware, and the daily no-load consumption is approximately 40*24=960Wh.

The number of B500 battery packs will also affect the power consumption. With one battery pack, the power consumption is around 30W.


OK, thx @BLUETTI for clarify.

My last information on this, from Dec 2023, was 60W self-consumption after switching off.
Currently only 40W in operation (?) sounds much, much better.

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But why it use battery with connected grid?

Battery was charged to 100%, SOC set to 20-80%. No load (disconnected).
After 12 hours battery has 78% :frowning:

Time to time it shows acttivity grid2battery and grid2consumption

I expected that battery will be in something like float mode with same level.

UPD: looks like system discharged battery to SOC high level and now cycling 80-79-78-80-79-78.