EP500PRO x2 or AC300 x2?

Both systems are being marketed as Home Backup capable. Bluetti will say the modularity of the AC300 is a different category… I disagree… thus Home backup capability and system size marketing attempt blurred that line IMO

Anyway, I have 2 (two) EP500PRO’s and accessories ordered with extended 5yr warranty.

Each EP500PRO can add 2 (two) B300’s. Now they B300’s can only charge the E500PRO which I have solar panels to do that. But it’s system compatible so that is a plus.

The cost to max out both:

EP500PROx2 with B300x4
$16,389 to max out 22,528W ($0.727PW)
(That’s with add ons and 5yr warranty)

AC300x2 with B300x8
$18,590 to max out 24,576W ($0.756PW)
(Not sure on accessory cost)

That simple math is a difference of -$2,201 if I stay EP500PRO bound with 5yr warranty.

If I want to go that much🤣. Anyway, I could add an AC200Max and use the B300’s and go mobile or bump it up a a hair and get an AC300/B300 combo for another $700 (plus the diff)

AND the 6,000 charge cycle on the EP500PRO units are increased due to size of bank. That’s still an unknown (TBA) on the AC300/B300 individual and maxed capacity. Size of bank and spread of charge is going to make a lifecycle impact (I assume).

I’m weighing the balance of gains/losses and options.

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I need a Hobotech mind to cut through the dilemma🤣.

My primary purpose is best ROI and largest capable system to max out for now and future.

I’m new to this and over analytical, so I have to satisfy “best decision” for the $$$

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That 5 year warranty is unheard of. Wow, I didn’t even know that. Honestly, Putter, I think the EP500Pro x 2 with the option of adding the B300 x 4 is the way to go, and throw in the AC300 instead of the AC200Max, because you can get the AC300 with one B300 for $2899 and it has 2400W solar input and wi-fi + BT. Maybe just start with 2 B300s and the AC300, to get the best pricing on those, unless you’ve got the $ to do the whole shebang at once, as the pricing is likely the best you’ll see, and if you decide you don’t need 4 B300s, someone is going to want those.

With those B300s, you would have a solid backup in an extended power outage. I don’t know how big your solar is, or if you are grid-tied, and if so, whether you can still use your solar in a power outage, as in many places, you cannot. But as I recall, the EP500Pros also take 2400W solar, so you’ve already got that matched and therefore will not have to reconfigure your solar input when charging one or the other.

If you have an RV you could take the AC300 with one or two B300s on trips and be set.

Hobotech is going to be reviewing the EP500Pro, hopefully in Sept. - that’s just my guess. He has a lot of reviews to do and a lot on his plate.

I would liken the EP500Pro to the AC300 and the EP500 to the AC200Max in terms of superpowers, lol. You’ve got the best of the best. I’m just a bit jelly, lol. .

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