EP500Pro - Voltage Sensor Error


My EP500Pro suddenly shut down outputs. Error code 006. SPS Voltage Low - Hardware, 091. DC Output soft start Failure, wifi connection is not possible any more, only bluetooth.
The iphone sw says Voltage sensor error.

Please help! Email support is not answering, web support request site is buggy, quitting with error:

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Phone support is also not available.

This is a joke…


@BLUETTI_CARE Maybe you can have a look into this?

@Bence The EP500Pro needs to be repaired. Kindly provide me with your order number, and then I will contact our CS to help you.


Now the device is even more bad. It’ just making the booting sequence and resets. A relay is just clicking and the LCD never finishes the booting properly and flashes. The order number is SPF-EU-5141 or SPF-EU-5142. I have 2 devices. The US support now started answering, the EU support does not. My US case id is: 50561, my EU case id is: 40690, but in EU nothing happened, it was just closed.


@Bence I’m sorry for the inconvenience. They will contact you ASAP to process the return.