EP500Pro PV Input wrong in Bluetti App

Hi everyone,

i just notice that the PV Input in the Bluetti App is wrong. I connect two arrays of Solarpanels. One is delievering 1500W right now, the other about 500W. The Input in the App only shows 1,5Kw and and 2Kw.

When reading the values with BluettiMQTT Addon for Homeassistant, i can read both solar arrays independendly, without problems. So i assume this is some kind of App Bug.

Do you guys see something similar?


@Selfmadestrom Could you please take a photo of the problem? May I know the current firmware version of your EP500pro?


My current Firmware Versions:
IOT: v9041,03
ARM: v4039,05
DSP: v4038,07
BMS: v1020,01

At the moment its not really possible to show you whats wrong because the weather here is that bad, i dindt have any Solar income…

I try to describe it to you:

The EP500Pro do have the possibility to attach two string to the PV Input. In my case, there are two seperatet arrays of Solarpanels connect to PV1 and the other array to PV2. When i look at the values on the Pro for PV1 and PV2 there is for example PV1 = 100W and PV2 = 200W. When i look at the main overview for the Pro at the App. There isnt 300W PV Input, its only one of the values. Bluetooth readout seems to be fine. Its only about the cloud data as far i can see.

Hope that helped a bit

@Selfmadestrom Thank you. We will check more details. If I get any updates, I will let you know.

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@BLUETTI_CARE Finally some sun!

Here what i mean:

That my HomeAssistant integration which reads the values via bluetooth from the EP500Pro. PV 1 have 345W and PV2 have 108W

When we switch to the App we can see, only PV1 gets displayed:


Edit: My AC300 have the exact same. So it might me related to other models too

In my opinion, the display of the individual strings shows the incoming power from the modules…
In the app the symbol shows the power that goes into the battery,
minus all losses in the device including conversion losses, etc.
In your example it is approx. 22%.

Hi @Marcus

That could make sense, but its no matter what exactly that what one PV String deliever on Power. Even if PV 1 and PV2 produce each 1000W (so 2000W in total), it will still display 1000W. This cant be realated to losses in my opinion. Imagine loosing a whole PV String as “loss”.

Thanks for you answer!

Did you obtain this data through third-party instrument testing? Did you check the data from the screen?

That’s right, that can’t be the case

That what my HomeAssistant Integration deliever as data is the same that you can see on the screen on the unit you show on your screenshot.

@Selfmadestrom We did a test but couldn’t reproduce the same problem as you. Could you provide me with the SN as well and we can check more details?

@BLUETTI_CARE Did write it to you via pm

@Selfmadestrom Thank you.