EP500Pro Battery Status Indicator

Dear All,

I would like to integrate my new EP500Pro into an existing Home Control System. It would make life more easy if the EP500 could provide a signal indicating the battery State of Charge (SOC). There are a lot of applications, i.e. reducing the AC power demand in advance if the SOC has reached a certain percentage (switching some load from EP500Pro AC OUT back to the grid and many more… If there would be an analog signal available (i.e. 10V for 100%, 1V for 10%) would help me a lot.
Another option is a Bus Signal like RS485 or similar. The App seems to be useless for any signal exchange respectively transfer, correct? Without schematics I’m helpless.
Any idea?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Please see this post, there is a github project that can collect the data via bluetooth: API or Web Server power status

Thank you, PowerMat. This is very close to what I’m looking for. However, I’m running a Raspi 4 in my home, but I’m not an IT guy and would prefer a slightly more user-friendly version. I will follow the thread / respectively the Github project …
Best regards, Reinhard.