EP500Pro battery draining too quickly?

Hello. I have an EP500PRO. I’m observing that the bluetti battery might be draining too quickly and I’m wondering if the results of my load test are normal.

Here’s what I observed:

  1. I plugged a floor fan into an energy consumption meter called Blue Planet EM100 and plugged that into the 120v outlet in the bluetti

  2. Ran the fan for 2.75 hours

  3. The bluetti went from 86% full down to 80% during that time which corresponds to 306 Wh (5100 Wh x 0.06) and it showed that the fan was consuming a consistent 58-60 Watts during that time

  4. The EM100 indicated that the amount of energy consumption was 130 Wh and the fan consumed 50 watts

  5. If we consider the 60 watts as measured by the bluetti we should then expect that the fan consumed 165 Wh (60 watts x 2.75 hours) which means the battery capacity should have gone down by about 3% (165 Wh/5100 Wh) and not by 6%

  6. I don’t understand:
    A. Why bluetti went down by 6% (instead of 3%), and
    B. Why bluetti power consumption data doesn’t match the data from the EM100 (60 watts instead of 50 watts)

Thank you.

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@bluetti_salammezhergmailcom EP500Pro displays apparent power. There may be some differences between household measuring instruments and professional equipment testing.

What happens if you do the test without any cables connected?
Only display on, gave me -3% in 8 hours, maybe it’s more with Bluetooth and WiFi enabled?