EP500PRO & B300 capability?

So am I excited about the B300 extra battery capacity, but I am trying to find out if the Ep500Pro will be able to utilize these batteries “to expand capacity” (not just use the B300’s to charge the EP500PRO but to actually expand and grow the system as I have solar panels)…

Can the B300’s expand capacity for 2 (two) EP500PRO’s?

Please respond as there is much confusion.

Surely with these capabilities of the Max, AC300 & EP500PRO & B300’s all being manufactured so closely together, and all being advertised and marketed as “home backup capable” systems, this will be the case. I would hate to have bought the larger EP500PRO’s that are not as mobile due to size, to have a system come out around the same time to “out perform” the EP500PRO’s capability to backup a home.

Thank you for consideration of response as I am confused

As of right now, it’s confirmed you can add at least two B300 (2 x 3,072Wh) units to the EP500 Pro unit. More information can be found here: Facebook

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I’m excited about the B230 and B300 expansion batteries to use to recharge my AC200/P units if they get depleted in a power outage. Bluetti will have an external MPPT controller available for charging them. And they can be used as stand alone DC power, so they would run things like a DC fridge for many hours more efficiently than using either AC or DC on the AC200/P, saving the AC200/P for powering high wattage/short duration appliances such as a toaster oven or microwave.

In any case, I think more info will be coming very soon about the B230 and B300 batteries and how they will work with various Bluetti units. I did see a short video clip of two B300s connected to an EP500Pro posted by Mark Yue on FB.


Does anyone had any idea what the price will be for the B300. They are sending all this advertising but NOT PRICE. What the heck!
I guess they dont want to scare us.

My priority is to find out if it increases the capacity of the system as a whole. If I could get that answer I will then move on to what is the price.

Just wanted to say thanks to @Dan @shawnnn99 @SoulGen for communicating on this thread🙏🏼 I appreciate the responses


Some pricing is supposed to be released sometime today, July 14th.

Thank you for the update.

Mark Yue posted this on the Facebook Group page on July 12th -
" Extra for EP500 Pro backers, the B300’s can be added for more capacity!"

The video is there as well.

July 12th at 4:45 AM

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The facebook link only went to my FB homepage. I thought it woukd go directly to a post about the said topic

What is the name of the FB group where Mark Yue posted this video?