EP500pro and B300

My Ep500pro is connected to the B300 via the P090D-MC4 cable. All settings and connections have been made according to the instructions. However, the B300 is not loaded like this. Do additional adaptors have to be used to charge the B300? Who can help? Thank you!

Ep500pro currently does not support adding any battery as expansion capacity. Do you have other Bluetti power station products or you bought b300 only for the ep500 pro?

I only have the Ep500pro. This is offered as expandible. You should be able to connect 2 B300.

would you mind recording the video on how did you connect and set? it might help the Tech support team to figure it out. The web does not support video format please send the google drive or youtube link thank you

The connection was made exactly according to your video instruction on Youtube. Exactly! The switching on and the settings also exactly according to the instructions. I’ll send photos.
The B300 flashes green at the end. The Ep500pro charges with about 400 watts.
The B300 charges the Ep500pro together with AC. A charging process for the B300 never starts.

The only difference is the colour code of the Mc4 connection. On the video red/black and red/black. The P090D-Mc4 cable can only be connected with red/red and black/black.

“Do additional adaptors have to be used to charge the B300?”
Yes! The B300/B230 must be recharged externally, e.g. T500 AC adapter or solar panel.

@Ukm The way of your connection is right. could you please try to B300 recharge to Ep500pro without AC wall outlets and make sure the ep500pro ’ SOC is not 100%?

The B300 charges the Ep500pro with about 400 watts. The charging process is finished at 100% SOC of the Ep500pro. I ordered the T500 power adaptor for the B300.

I just got my ep500pro and now it sounds like i can’t expand its capacity. It’s a good thing i haven’t plugged it in or turned it on as i may end up returning it. Please confirm if the EP500PRO can take expansion batteries

@Paultherock10 EP500Pro does not support expansion batteries, B300 only can recharge to EP500. depend on your demands if you need to return it