EP500P Status Information via RS485

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I’m running 3 x EP500P (one per phase) now and all are working well. Unfortunately there is still no access available for getting basic information out of the devices unless running a MQTT Server or any other special software. On the control board of The EP500P on the front side (near behind the AC output ports) is a mini 2-pin socket marked with “485”. I assume that this is a RS485 port providing A+ and B- (?)
Has anyone an idea if it works and what type of protocol is used here. It would be a perfect solution if we can get information out of this port by feeding it to any smart home system. I fear Buletti will not provide an appropriate communication port in near future.

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My first guess would be MODBUS, but I don’t have the equipment or experience to attempt to confirm that.

If I may ask, I’m curious why a hardwired connection to the control board is seemingly easier than just monitoring it over Bluetooth?

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@Dr.M Sorry, after confirming with the engineers concerned, we know that our communication protocol and interface are not open to the public.

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